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Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 22/04/2022

I’m thrilled that my work is now represented by Dimmitt Contemporary Art in Texas, USA.


4 new prints are heading out to the gallery. Seen here on the cutting table at Bayeux Imaging in London, printed by the wonderful Nick Barnett.

1. Seascapes 7, 2020 - 90cm x 120cm
2. Stars 1, 2014-2015 - 80cm x 120cm
3. Fires 7, 2018 - 80cm x 120cm
4 . Smoke and Mirrors 5, 2010 - 60cm x 80cm

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 21/04/2022

Viewing prints making their way to KLOMPCHING GALLERY, New York.

The selection includes 10 images spanning the last 10 years for a client to consider.

Prints by the wonderful At Bayeux.


Images from the Stillness and Seascapes series’ @londonartfair with @cranekalmanbrightongallery on Stand 20 until Sunday.


Happy New Year!

A fresh and optimistic start to the year for my new series as Stillness 5 and 6 will be on display at the delightful Gilman Contemporary Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho until 27th January 2022.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 21/10/2021

Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery will be showing my work at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea from today until 24 October 2021. Stand H2.

@cranekalmanbrightongallery will be showing work from six bodies of work, spanning the last 10 years.

Stillness 6, 2021
Seascapes 1, 2020
Fires 10, 2018
Stars 13, 2014
Between the Trees 1, 2014
Come with Me 7, 2011


Thank you to @photolondonfair for featuring my work in the magazine’s 57th issue.

’The 57th issue of our magazine features a selection of works by photographers @elliedaviesphotography and @karinelaval. These and more photographs were recently exhibited by @cranekalmanbrightongallery at Photo London 2021.

Fine art photographer Ellie Davies has been working in the forests of the UK for the past seven years, producing work that explores the complex interrelationship between the landscape and the individual.

Karine Laval's images often challenge the familiar perception we have of the world and act as a bridge between the world we live in and a more surreal, dreamlike dimension.’

Link in bio.


Photo London is open! Stand G4, Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery in the Courtyard Pavilion at Somerset House.

Footage @cranekalmanbrightongallery

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 09/09/2021

More install shots from Photo London today at Somerset House.

Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery are showing my work on Stand G4.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 09/09/2021

Opening to the public today! Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery will be showing my work at Photo London at Somerset House from 9 - 12 September.

They will show images from my brand new series Stillness, 2021 and Seascapes, 2020.

Stillness 3 and 5, 2021 and Seascapes 1 and 7, 2020.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 08/09/2021

I very happy to announce my newest series, Stillness, 2021.

Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery will be showing images from the series at Photo London at Somerset House from 9-12th September.

‘As the sun sets and the warmth of the day fades, a deep silence falls over the forest.
At twilight a thick fog lies over the land, immersing the landscape in stillness. Dense, muffled acoustics pick out only the sound of wing beats as birds fly overhead to roost for the night. The snap of a branch pricks the ears and a heightened sense of awareness charges the air.’

Link in Bio.


Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 05/07/2021

Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery will be showing images from my Seascapes series at Battersea Affordable Art Fair from 8 – 11th July 2021.

‘The Affordable Art Fair is excited to return to its leafy home in Battersea Park, London this summer. Bringing together a selection of emerging and established galleries, the majority hailing from London and the UK, ‘

Crane Kalman Brighton
Stand G4


Making the ‘Between the Trees’ series.


Making the ‘Between the Trees’ series.


Making the ‘Between the Trees’ series.


Making the ‘Between the Trees’ series.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 22/05/2021

Making the ‘Between the Trees’ series.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 05/05/2021

Lovely to see new prints on the table at @bayeux_ltd, off to a client in France for @agalerieparis

Images courtesy of Nick Barnett.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 13/04/2021

Aesthetica Magazine’s 100th Issue features my work.  I feel very honoured to be amongst so many wonderful artists in this momentum publication.  April/ May 2021.
Link in bio.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 20/01/2021

London Art Fair is now open and Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery are presenting my Seascapes series.

“Returning for its 33rd edition, the Fair will present leading modern and contemporary galleries in an alternative digital format: London Art Fair: Edit.

Providing an unmissable opening to the art calendar, London Art Fair: Edit invites collectors and enthusiasts to discover works by renowned artists from the 20th century to today.”

Wednesday 20 January - Sunday 31 January 2021 the Fair presents 63 leading Modern and Contemporary galleries in an alternative digital format.
The online Viewing Rooms allow visitors to discover, browse and enquire upon selected works from the galleries, featuring audio and written commentaries narrated by the galleries themselves; allowing for a more personal interaction and viewing experience.”

* Karine Laval
* Ellie Davies
* Rachel Louise Brown
* Giles Revell

Link in bio.


It’s a new week and I’m thrilled to have had my work selected by two Expert Guest Judges for LAF Selects. A new addition to the London Art Fair Edit, LAF Selects invites experts, collectors and prominent friends of the Fair to present their own personal highlights from the Viewing Rooms.

The invited selectors have chosen the artworks that spoke to them, either by personal interest or professional area of expertise. Themes explored within their selections spanning diversity, feminism, sustainability and the global pandemic.



I was delighted to be part of Keeper of the Hearth: Picturing Roland Barthes’ Unseen Photograph curated by Odette England and published by Schilt Publishing.

In this beautiful book Odette England invited more than 200 photography-based artists, writers, critics, curators, and historians from around the world to contribute an image or text that reflects on Barthes’ unpublished snapshot of his mother.  The Winter Garden Photograph Project marks the 40th anniversary of Camera Lucida in 2020.

Camera Lucida (La Chambre claire) written by French literary theorist Roland Barthes, is arguably one of the most influential books about photography. Published in 1980, shortly before his death, the book is also a tribute to Barthes’ late mother, Henriette.

In it, Barthes discusses a treasured snapshot taken in 1898, known as the Winter Garden photograph. It is an image of Henriette, aged five, not shown. In Camera Lucida. Barthes describes it as follows:
“With the Photograph, we enter into flat Death. The horror is this: nothing to say about the death of one whom I love most, nothing to say about her photograph, which I contemplate without ever being able to get to the heart of it, to transform it. The only “thought” I can have is that at the end of this first death, my own death is inscribed; between the two, nothing more than waiting…” (p92-93).

My own contribution to the book is titled Sowley Farmhouse Polaroid, 2001 and I wrote the following text to accompany the image:

I have spent the last hour going through my boxes of polaroids looking for the image I had in mind.  It won’t look like much to anyone else, just a view across the fence that enclosed my dad’s house, across the fields with the sun setting in the top corner.  But for me it has huge power, it physically hurts my heart.  It crystalizes the exact feeling of the place; of my father, the isolation, of youth and a feeling of freedom and anticipation.   But its power comes from the passing of those things.   
I visited the house recently and it is entirely covered in climbing hydrangea, only the roof and the collapsed porch at the back are still visible.  I parted the foliage and peered inside.  Al


I am thrilled to read this lovely article by John Burnside in the New Statesman in which he talks about his love of trees and forests and he writes very movingly about my work. I got tingles reading the last paragraph, it’s so wonderful to feel my work has been so comprehensively understood, especially by the brilliant Scottish poet.

‘In Davies’s photographs, mysterious pools of light appear in a dark thicket, a fir plantation is haunted by starlight or tidal waters; amid a stand of silver birches, clouds of smoke both fill and recover the spaces between the tree trunks. Elsewhere, the darkness of the forest and the starry blackness of the Milky Way are revealed as a continuum. What results is breathtaking work in which, to paraphrase Meister Eckhart, the eye through which I see the forest is the same eye through which the forest sees me; my eye and the eye of the forest are one eye, one seeing, one knowing. That should not sound mystical at all – not if we pay careful attention to the life between the trees; the fact that it does only goes to show how careless we have become in our dealings with the forest.’

Link to full article in my bio.

Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 12/10/2020

Solo Exhibition at 10 Gresham Street, London
In collaboration with Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery. This dazzling Norman Foster building in the heart of the City of London will host an exhibition of my images until end of January 2021.

Curated by Vanessa Brady at VJB Arts, this wide selection of images dates from 2010 to 2020.

We hope that when Covid restrictions ease the exhibition will re-open to the general public.

Images: 10 Gresham Street.


Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 09/10/2020

Town and Country feature Crane Kalman Brighton’s all woman show a Photo London this year…

Harry Stevens writes ‘See work by award-winning female photographers at Photo London Digital: Images of an abandoned South Florida, a Technicolor urban jungle in Brooklyn and a rain-soaked New Forest feature in Crane Kalman Brighton’s memorable display’.

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Photos from Ellie Davies Photography's post 08/10/2020


Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery are showing my Seascapes series at Photo London Digital.

'For this virtual edition of Photo London 2020, Crane Kalman Brighton presents an all-female selection of award-winning photographers, including Ellie Davies’ latest project ‘Seascapes’, Rachel Louise Brown’s ‘Simulations’ and recent work created under lockdown during the current global pandemic by Karine Laval.

Collectively, the three artist’s work presented represent the clash of the real and the hyperreal; the collision of existing and imagined; the ultimate contrast between how we perceive the world through images and how the world chooses to present itself to us.’

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Ellie Davies: September 2020 23/09/2020

Ellie Davies: September 2020

Susan Spiritus Gallery feature my work in the gallery newsletter.

Ellie Davies: September 2020 I Love Photography! Ellie Davies Ellie Davies and her twin sister grew up playing in the forests in the south of England. It is only natural therefo...

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